PeoplesFinancials gives the power to the people, thereby fostering a more stable world economy

Our vision

A world where financial products are treated as a mere commodity by all:

In a world where everyone possesses understanding of how the financial markets work, and can access objective and transparent information allowing them to assess their risk, people will think nothing of investing. In control, they will do it easily and freely, aware that their actions benefit not only themselves, but the entire economy.

Our Goal

  1. The Foundation's goals are:
    1. to educate people around the world about the risk associated with financial products
    2. to supply the means of education which will enable them to better evaluate their risk of investment in financial products
    3. so that they can appreciate fully the importance of their investments and their impact on the economy and that, with this greater command and understanding, they will be able to contribute to the capital markets in more controlled way
  2. To this end, the Foundation may notably make available, by various means, information enabling people to understand:
    1. What is the risk related to a particular financial product
    2. Under what circumstances it can come about
    3. What the impact on our investments is
    4. How to improve the security of a product
    5. How to make better use of capital markets
  3. The means the Foundation employs may include:
    1. information technology tools such as
      1. databases,
      2. search engines to access the data,
      3. objective financial product evaluation tools,
      4. analytics
    2. educational channels such as
      1. newsletters and written reports,
      2. videos,
      3. conferences and other meetings
    3. collaborating with different authorities.
  4. The Foundation may exercise any activity related to the goal and objectives defined above.

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