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The mission of the foundation is to empower ordinary people to invest with confidence and security, and to foster social and economic stability.

My vision is a world where financial products are treated as a mere commodity by all. - Michael Heijmeijer, co-founder

But how can investors - the public, who represent 90% of the money invested in capital markets - be expected to understand the risk & intricacies of financial products? They must rely on the subjective ratings of the few agencies that exist – an outdated model, and on the counsel of their financial advisors - who are remunerated on transactions not performance. Without education & tools to properly assess the risk, it boils down to little more than blind faith.

Economies depend on investments and capital markets, and market volatility will undoubtedly increase with globalization, the evolution of technology, and the proliferation of more sophisticated products.

It will not take much to turn the public completely off investing. The mere threat of a major sell off or stagnation in trading activity would be enough to cause a total meltdown of our economic system.

PeoplesFinancials will establish greater awareness and a better understanding in the risk of financial products among the public, enabling them to invest with more confidence and consideration. This, in turn, will contribute to greater financial and social stability... Markus Ferber, co-founder

Only when the layperson benefits from an equal playing field with product issuers and investment banks, when s/he has access to objective evaluations and transparency, will the balance of power shift and the world become more stable. The foundation will be key to maintaining a balance between the public, capital markets, and the industry. A public service and that every moment of the day.

By participating in or supporting this initiative, you have the power to change the financial game. Read on to discover how we intend to do this.

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Michael Heijmeijer: Chairman & CEO representing concept & technology;
Markus Ferber: Member of the European Parliament since 1994 & 1st Vice Chairman of the ECON committee and rapporteur for the MiFID II file.

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